The BEST cupcakes I have ever had in my life! I’ve shared Joy with my family and they definitely agree. I do have to share a story about Jenny...recently on a bad day I was meeting Jenny to pick up some cupcakes to take to family. Long story short, my bad day continued into my evening and Jenny made a world of difference by spreading Joy. These cupcakes are more than just sweet treats, they’re heart healers.
— Ashley Kapnas, August 2018

These cupcakes are AMAZING!! They are so soft and moist and the icing is perfect! I originally bought these to take to work but they were so good we just got carried away. So now I’ll have to go back and order more!! Plus the service is excellent. Definitely recommend!
— Chelsea Beaty, August 2018
The most delicious mouth watering cupcakes I have ever had! My family orders cupcakes from Joy Dessert Co. for every occasion and they disappear quickly!! I highly recommend Joy Dessert Co.!
— Laura McConnell, June 2018

The absolute best cupcakes on earth! Owner is absolutely amazing and the customer service is second to none!
— Zach Hollingsworth, June 2018

Best cupcakes I’ve ever had, and believe me - I know my way around a cupcake.
— Abby Benston, June 2018
Best cupcakes EVER!! They will always be my “go to” for any and every occasion!
— Anita Strunk, July 2018

People were literally taking all of my leftovers after my sons birthday party! Such a hit! Delicious and beautiful! Will always be using Joy for our special occasions!
— Katie Bourelle, June 2018